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Fanyi Translation Script

Posted: April 10, 2018 | jeremy No Comments

Fanyi is a simple translation script that employs the free Microsoft Translator API in order to translate a newline-separated text file, line by line, into almost any language. I wrote it to facilitate an internationalization proof-of-concept. Of course it isn’t

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Short URL Generator for Playground Plus Talkers

Posted: March 29, 2018 | jeremy No Comments

A short link generator that you can build into your Playground Plus talker. Usage $ mlink =================== You have added the following link: =================== Short link to this URL is: To share this link with the room,

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Flight Tracker

Posted: December 5, 2015 | jeremy No Comments

Here’s a flight tracker project I’ve been working on. This is based on an assignment for a Ruby class. It has a Sinatra-powered server, an inbound flight simulator, a tracker backed by a SQLite database, and a frontend built with

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