Virtisys is stealing from you


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    March 24, 4.31pm: My article has been removed. Several other bloggers whose content was used on have contacted me expressing their intent to complain to SoftLayer.

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    March 24, 6.42pm: I think we won this battle. The Vertisys site was moments ago replaced with a redirect to a video on YouTube, then shortly thereafter disappeared altogether. Thanks to everyone who emailed, commented, and notified SoftLayer of the copyright infringement. I’m really encouraged by the response I got and happy that we were able to help protect bloggers from having their content stolen.

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    April 4, 12.22pm: This article is now the #1 Google result for a search for ‘Virtisys’. Thanks everybody!

Completely by accident today I discovered that a website I’d never heard of – (note the spelling; I am not talking about Vertisys, an entirely separate company) – was syndicating my blog content. Quite obviously I don’t mind if people do that, as evidenced by the links to various syndication services beneath each of my posts. It’s part of how blogging works and how people discover each other on the Internet. But this is different. Unlike digg,, and every other syndication service out there, Virtisys aren’t crediting me. They aren’t linking back to my original post. They aren’t even acknowledging that the post is a syndication. There is a different name for what they’re doing and it is stealing.

They might be doing it to you too. It appears their entire content base is made up of articles by blog authors from all over the world. All of them are technology focused, all of them (as far as I can tell) are WordPress users, and none of them are given credit for their work.

Virtisys provides no contact information on their website, or in their domain registration records, so I have sent a notice of copyright infringement to SoftLayer, their hosting services company, asking them to remove the offending content. To the extent that I have time today, I am also notifying other bloggers whose content is being stolen. That isn’t always easy because Google searches don’t always locate the original source, but I’ve already had a great response from one person (Remko at EvilCoder) who intends to file a similar complaint with SoftLayer.

Just in case you’re reading this on Virtisys or anywhere else right now, you can find my original post at And by the way, no-talent ass-clowns over at Virtisys, I’ve discovered a number of really interesting people and blogs through your site. You’d have a really nice service there if you’d just credit the authors and provide links back to the original works instead of blatantly ripping us off.

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  1. PureForm says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads up. What do you have on these guys?

  2. Alan says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this. It guess they have set up some type of software that pulls posts from other blogs and publishes them. As you can see my post has no relevance over there.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hey Chris and Alan. No problem. As I told another blogger I’ve been in contact with, the nice thing about this whole episode is that I’ve discovered some great blogs. I think Virtisys could quickly go from foe to friend if they’d simply link back to the source blogs.

    I’d encourage everybody who is affected to notify SoftLayer. As they seem to be a reputable hosting company, I imagine they’ll act quickly on this.

  4. silentp33r says:

    hi, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  5. Roshan says:

    Hi jeremy, thanks for the heads up, when i checked the website , it has been removed. Thanks for all the help and everything. I really have to appreciate you for informing me this content stealing. Thanks a lotttttttttttttttttt……

  6. PureForm says:

    Wow! Good work 🙂 Now there’s only 999,999,999 left to go :-/

  7. silentp33r says:

    cheers for the victory! 🙂

  8. Remko Lodder says:

    Hello Jeremy,

    Thanks a lot for the notification, I think your combined efforts with others (me amongst them) did the push to get the website offline. It’s just very sad that someone is just stealing blogs and not giving proper credit for them. As I mentioned in our personal conversations: I dont mind that people us my blogs, but I kinda expect a reference back to my blog and/or reference my name. I wrote the blog, I am the legal copyright holder, I invested time, so that’s the least one can do right?

    Anyway; we were victorious, because you mentioned the site to us! thanks!

    Best Regards,
    FreeBSD Committer

  9. Alan says:

    I noticed they have been removed. I also sent an email recommending that the site be removed. Thanks again.

  10. Hi,

    Just checked my moderation queue on my blog (

    Cheers for the heads up, although as you say the site has been taken down now.

    To be honest if someone wants to keep setting these up, it’ll be a never ending battle…

  11. Chris says:

    Looks like it has returned … if you need any help sending lots of email to these folks, let me know 🙂

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